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September 05

Events on September 05

1569 Death of Peter Breughel the Elder, Netherlandish painter of peasants, landscapes and religious scenes.

1800 French troops occupying Malta surrender to the British.

1922 American aviator James Doolittle makes the first American coast-to-coast flight, which takes 21 hours 19 minutes.

1963 Christine Keeler, call-girl at the centre of the Profumo scandal that has rocked the British Conservative government, is charged with perjury.

1969 Death of American blues singer and guitarist Josh White.

1980 The world’s longest road tunnel was opened in Switzerland, stretching 10 miles (16 km) between Goshenen and Airolo.

1982 Death of Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader, British fighter pilot who lost both his legs in a flying accident but talked his way back into the RAF to serve in World War Two and became a national hero.

2008 Both the North West Passage and the North East Passage are clear of sea ice for the first time in recorded history.

Famous Birthdays on September 05

Giacomo Meyerbeer 1791, German composer, notably of operas such as Les Huguenots, L’Africaine and Robert le Diable.

Jesse James 1847, American outlaw who, with his elder brother Frank, led a gang which carried out daylight bank robberies.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 1888, Indian philosopher, eminent writer, India’s first vice president and second president.

His birthday is celebrated as Teachers’ Day in India.

Darryl F. Zanuck 1902, American film producer who began his career writing stories for Rin Tin Tin, Hollywood star dog.

Arthur Koestler 1905, Hungarianborn writer, best known for the novel Darkness at Noon.

Freddie Mercury 1946, British singer of the band Queen.

Quotes from Legend

I have not ruled out the possibility of one day coming to power. Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovitch, head of the Romanov dynasty and pretender to

- The Russian throne, on this day, 1991.

Historical News on September 05

Death Fire Hot on Heels of Plague

Death fire hot on heels of plague on September 05
Death fire hot on heels of plague

1666 The massive, city-wide fire that has raged in London for a number of days started at Pudding Lane bakery in London’s East End.

The flames quickly spread next door to a tar store, which exploded, igniting the neighbourhood.

London’s Lord Mayor refused to be disturbed by such a paltry matter as a fire and the next morning, as fire gripped the city, thousands of families fled their homes to seek safety in small boats on the River Thames and in the fields outside the city.

Today the blaze was at last halted by Navy teams who blew up a swathe of buildings in the path of the flames.

More than 13,000 homes and 90 churches have been destroyed, and 400 acres (162 hectares) of the city, from the Tower to the Temple, are reduced to smouldering rubble – yet only nine lives were lost.

London was still reeling from last year’s great plague, which cost 75,000 lives.

The fire has cauterized the old wooden buildings that were still rife with disease.

Now the homeless must be fed and sheltered – and a better city built.

Mother Teresa Dies At 87

1997 Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the Albanian nun who spent her life caring for the poor and dispossessed, has died at the age of 87.

The Nobel Peace prize winner is best known for her work in India, especially Calcutta, where she founded her order, the Missionaries of Charity, in 1948.

She was also active in East Pakistan, caring for refugees.

Her worldwide profile was raised in 1971 when she visited the United States and set up a mission in the Bronx area of New York.

USSR Kills Itself off

1991 The Soviet state is no more.

In the past two weeks Russian President Boris Yeltsin and his supporters have foiled a coup, watched the demise of the Communist Party, seen independence in the Baltic and defeated the Soviet centrists.

Today, under pressure from Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, the Congress of People’s Deputies of the Soviet Union reluctantly wound up the Union and handed power to the Soviet republics.

The new arrangement leaves Gorbachev a national figurehead but without wealth.

Fatty Fated

1920 Scandal erupted in Hollywood today when the world’s favourite fat man, movie comedian Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, was accused of rape and manslaughter.

Last night actress Virginia Rappe, seeking a movie part, went to a drinking party Arbuckle held in a San Francisco hotel room.

She was raped, and later died in hospital of internal injuries.

“Roscoe did it,” she said before she died.

Arbuckle weighs 23 stone.

Arbuckle started his film career in the Keystone comedy studio – today the public is finding little to laugh at.

Blackest September at Munich Olympics

blackest september at munich olympics on September 05
blackest september at munich olympics

1972 11 Israeli athletes died when Palestinian terrorists struck at the Munich Olympics early today.

Eight hooded Black September terrorists broke into the Olympic Village and attacked the sleeping Israelis in their dormitories.

Two athletes died in a hail of bullets while 18 escaped, and the remaining nine were taken hostage.

The Games were stopped and 12,000 police surrounded the village.

The terrorists demanded the release of 200 Palestinians held in Israel and safe passage out of Germany.

The German leaders agreed and the gang and their hostages were taken to Munich airport.

In a tragic blunder police sharpshooters opened fire, and all nine athletes were killed in the ensuing battle, as well as four terrorists and one policeman.

Three of the gang were captured and one escaped.

The Games will continue, albeit under a cloud.

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