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September 06

Events on September 06

1666 The Great Fire of London is finally extinguished.

1879 The first British telephone exchange opened in Lombard Street, London.

1914 The Battle of the Marne begins.

1936 British aviator Beryl Markham flies solo across the Atlantic.

1940 King Carol II of Romania is forced to abdicate by proGerman Ion Antonescu.

1941 Yellow Star of David badges are compulsory for all Jewish citizens in Nazi Germany.

1968 The kingdom of Swaziland in Southern Africa gains its independence.

1985 All employees of ATV Publishing throughout the world are made redundant following a takeover by Michael Jackson and CBS Songs.

1987 The historic Venice regatta is held without the city’s gondoliers, who are on strike to protest against the damage to the city caused by powerboats.

1988 11-year-old Thomas Gregory from London is the youngest person to swim the English Channel.

1989 A computer error in Paris results in 41,000 residents, who should have received traffic fines, receiving letters charging them with murder, extortion and organized prostitution.

2007 Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti dies, aged 71.

Famous Birthdays on September 06

Marquis de Lafayette 1757, French statesman and soldier who fought with the American colonists for independence, and was a major figure in the French Revolution.

Joseph Kennedy 1888, American founder of the dynasty that gave rise to the first Catholic American president.

Britt Ekland 1942, Swedish actress and former model who appeared in The Man with the Golden Gun and other films.

Quotes from Legend

Drugs have taught an entire generation of American kids the metric system.

- P.J. O'Rourke,
US journalists say: today President Bush announced he would halve the US drug problem, 1989.

Historical News on September 06

Sail Round World Takes Its Toll

1522 A battered Spanish ship with only 15 crewmen left alive reached Seville today after sailing round the world.

The Vittorio, commanded by Sebastian del Cano, is the only survivor of the fleet of five ships that set sail three years ago seeking a westward passage to the Indies.

Commander Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese navigator working for Spain, put down a mutiny and lost two ships in the narrow passage to the Pacific discovered at the tip of South America.

In the Philippines Magellan was killed by natives, and a third ship was lost.

The survivors sailed west, losing another ship in a skirmish with the Portuguese before rounding the Cape of Good Hope and heading north for home.

Magnificence or Megalomania?

Magnificence or megalomania on September 06
Magnificence or megalomania

1566 Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman sultan for 46 years, caliph of the Arabs and ruler of Islam, has died in Constantinople, Suleiman brought the Turkish Ottoman empire to the height of its power and grandeur, conquering the Arab world, Hungary and Mesopotamia, dominating the Mediterranean and the eastern seas, and bringing prosperity, justice and culture to his empire.

Suleiman’s father, Selim the Grim, took the throne by killing his brothers, and secured Suleiman’s succession by killing all his other sons and grandsons.

Suleiman, at the bidding of his scheming wife Roxelana, had his favourite son murdered.

Roxelana died, and Suleiman withdrew from active rule, leaving his remaining two sons to fight over the succession.

Selim, a drunken weakling, won, and murdered his brother Bayezid with all his sons.Selim took the throne today.

Clippers Race Home for A Nice Cup of Tea

1866 Three British tea clippers reached London today within two hours of each other after a 16,000mile (25,750-km) race all the way from China.

Crowds of Londoners lined the Thames to see the great ships arrive.

There are big bonuses for the first ships home with the new season’s tea.

Serica, Taiping and Ariel left Foochow at the end of May and raced neck-and-neck all the way.

Taitsing and Fiery Cross are less than two days behind.

The sleek 200-ft (61-m) clippers carry more than 1 acre (0.4 hectare) of sail and are the fastest ships ever built – they can sail at speeds of more than 20 mph (32 kph).

Architect of Apartheid

1966 Coloureds danced in the streets of Cape Town today after South African Prime Minister Dr Hendrik Verwoerd was assassinated in parliament.

The grand architect of the white racist apartheid system was stabbed four times in the chest by a white parliamentary messenger wielding a stiletto – because the government “didn’t do enough for whites”. Since 1950, Verwoerd, 65, a social-psychologist, has subdivided the country’s 73 percent black majority into ethno-linguistic minorities, each with its pseudo-independent “homeland” (totalling only 13 percent of the country), effectively exporting them from South Africa and leaving the whites as the majority.

Millions of blacks have been forcibly relocated to the poverty-stricken homelands, which serve as cheap labour pools.

Untold numbers now live illegally in what used to be their own country, at the mercy of the police.

The hard-line minister of justice and police, B.J. Vorster will succeed Dr Verwoerd.

Soviets Admit Their Jets Downed KAL 007

soviets admit their jets downed KAL 007 on September 06
soviets admit their jets downed KAL 007

1983 Soviet military chiefs called a highly unusual press conference in Moscow today to explain why a Soviet jet fighter shot down a South Korean airliner last week, with the loss of 269 lives.

The Soviets maintain that flight KAL 007 was on a spying mission for the US.

The night flight was far off course – it was shot down near secret Soviet military installations on the island of Sakhalin off Siberia, north of Japan.

The Soviets say it refused to answer signals and was flying without navigation lights.

Tonight the Soviet leaders expressed sympathy for the bereaved.

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