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September 07

Events on September 07

1812 Marching to Moscow, Napoleon’s forces defeat the Russians at the Battle of Borodino, 70 miles (112 km) west of the city.

1838 During a storm at sea, Grace Darling, a lighthouse keeper’s daughter, rows a mile in a small boat to rescue four men and a woman from the small steamship Forfarshire which had struck rocks near the Longstone Lighthouse, Northumberland.

1848 The Vienna assembly abolished serfdom.

1901 The Boxer Rising in China ends with the signing of the Peace of Peking.

1906 The first Indian bank, the Bank of India, was founded in Bombay.

1910 Death of William Holman Hunt, English Pre-Raphaelite painter.

1910 Polish chemist Marie Curie announces she has isolated pure radium.

1981 Death of Christy Brown, severely handicapped Irish author of the autobiographical Down All our Days.

Famous Birthdays on September 07

Elizabeth I, 1533, English monarch, daughter of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.

“Grandma” Moses (Anna Mary Robertson) 1860, American primitive artist who began painting professionally at the age of 78.

Elia Kazan 1909, Turkish-born stage and film director and writer who emigrated with his Greek parents to the US and became a leading Broadway director with A Streetcar Named Desire and Death of a Salesman, and also co-founded the Actors Studio, which trained many stars.

Anthony Quayle 1913, English actor of stage and screen who won an Oscar for his role in Anne of the Thousand Days.

Buddy Holly 1936, American rock singer and guitarist who was killed in an aircrash aged only 23; his hits include “That’ll be the Day” and “Peggy Sue”.

Quotes from Legend

This is the historic hour when our air force delivers its blows right into the enemy's heart.

- Hermann Goering, Nazi field marshal, unleashing the Luftwaffe bombers on British cities, 1940.

Quotes from Legend

The chances of peaceful change in South Africa was virtually nil.

- Bishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize-winner, 1985.

Historical News on September 07

Christian Navies Pummel Ottomans

1571 The Turkish Ottoman fleet – was routed today by the combined Christian navies at Lepanto off the coast of Greece, and Ottoman dominance of the Mediterranean is weakening.

The Muslim Turks lost 230 galleys, the Christians 17.

Turkish commander Ali Pasha was killed and his head presented to Don John of Austria, commander of the navies of Spain, Venice and Rome.

This is the first real Christian victory over the mighty Ottoman empire.

The Christian princes combined forces when Sultan Selim II invaded Christian Cyprus, taking Famagusta.

Today the opposing lines of galleys confronted one another.

Fighting across the decks followed, and after two hours the mauled Turks withdrew.

But they have not withdrawn from Cyprus.

Tutu is Archbishop

Tutu is Archbishop on September 07
Tutu is Archbishop

1986 Bishop Desmond Tutu, the black general secretary of the South African Council of Churches, was today enthroned as Archbishop of Cape Town, the leader of two million South African Anglicans.

He is the church’s first black leader.

Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his opposition to South Africa’s racist apartheid regime.

He has condemned the state of emergency imposed in June to suppress the uprising in the black townships, and defies the emergency laws in calling for economic sanctions against South Africa and for foreign investors to leave.

Last month the US senate voted for sanctions by Commonwealth states.

1892 The Boston Strong Boy, world heavyweight bare-knuckle boxing champion John L. Sullivan, lost the title tonight in his first bout wearing the padded gloves required under the new Marquess of Queensberry rules.

“Gentleman Jim ” Corbett knocked Sullivan out in the 21st round in New Orleans.

James Corbett, who invented the deadly left hook, is seven years younger than 33-year-old Sullivan and easily dodged the Older man’s punches.

Moon Finally Goes to The Dark Side

Moon finally goes to the dark side on September 07
Moon finally goes to the dark side

1978 Keith Moon, rock drummer with The Who, died today in his London flat of an overdose of drugs prescribed to combat his alcohol problem.

The stick-twirling virtuoso has been described as one of the most talented of contemporary rock drummers.

The Who’s vocalist, Roger Daltrey, said today Moon was irreplaceable.

In fact he has been replaced before.

Moon has collapsed several times before from drinking.

Moon and the band’s guitarist Pete Townshend are famed for their onstage violence – most performances end with guitars and drums smashed in a fury of destruction.

The Bombs Rain Down On London

1940 Hundreds of German bombers raided London today in waves that continued well into the night.

Parts of the Docks and the East End are ablaze.

However, the Air Ministry reported tonight that the Luftwaffe lost nearly 100 planes in the raid and the RAF only 22, and the city weathered the blitz commendably .

Every day that the battle for Britain’s skies rages on means another day to strengthen the ill-equipped troops defending the coast against the expected Naszi invasion.

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