September 11 in History Events, Birthdays, & News

To know what happened today in history, famous events occurred, famous birthdays, death days, legend quotes, and historical news on September 11.

September 11

Events on September 11

1777 English forces under General Howe defeat George Washington’s troops at The Battle of Brandy wine Creek in the American War of Independence.

1841 The Brighton-London commuter express train began regular service, taking just 105 minutes.

1915 The first British Women’s Institute was opened in Wales.

1948 Death of Muhammed Ali Jinnah, first governor-general of Pakistan.

1950 Death of Jan Smuts, the Boer guerrilla leader who became a British field marshal and a world statesman.

1971 Former Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev dies, aged 77.

1987 Peter Tosh, Jamaican reggae star and former member of The Wailers, is shot dead by three robbers who burst into his home.

2003 Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh is murdered.

Famous Birthdays on September 11

James Thompson 1700, Scottish poet who wrote “Rule Britannia ”.

O. Henry 1862, American short story writer who established himself as a writer of merit with his first book, Cabbages and Kings.

D.H. Lawrence 1885, British novelist who examined human sexuality and social conditions in industrial society in Sons and Lovers and Women in Love and whose Lady Chatterley’s Lover was banned when it first appeared.

Vinoba Bhave 1895, Indian Gandhian Acharya and advocate of non-violence and human rights.

Herbert Lorm 1917, Czech-born actor who trained in London at the Old Vic and whose films include War and Peace and the Pink Panther films.

Ferdinand Marcos 1917, Filipino President whose conspicuously corrupt rule came to an end when he was deposed by Cory Aquino.

Barry Sheene 1950, British motorcycling champion.

Quotes from Legend

People of the same trade seldom meet together but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some diversion to raise prices.

- Adam Smith, Scottish economist, in An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 1776.

Historical News on September 11

Chile's Allende Killed In Army Coup

1973 Chile’s democratically dilated Marxist government was overthrown today in a US-backed military coup, and President Salvador Allende is dead.

Right- wing coup leader General Augusto Pinochet says Allende committed suicide but surviving leftists Say he was shot, tighting to the last, the presidential palace in Santiago burning around him.

Thousands of Chilean leftists were slain. Elated in 1970.

Allende’s left-wing alliance instituted land reform and nationalized major industries – including the copper mines, 80 percent US-owned US big business acted with the CIA to destabilize the country.

Chile’s international credit suddenly dried up: the US forced down the world copper price, Chile’s chief foreign exchange earner, and poured resources into Pinochet’s army, while the CIA fomented strikes and plotted today’s coup in which Pinochet was little more than a US puppet.

Nazis Flee as US Troops Entered Germany

Nazis flee as US troops enters Germany on September 11
Nazis flee as US troops enters Germany

1944 With the Nazis in retreat throughout Europe, the first Allied forces entered Germany today when the US First Army under General Omar Bradley crossed the German border at Eupen.

Bradley’s forces were with the Free French soldiers who liberated Paris on August 25.

Last week British and US troops freed Brussels and Liège in Belgium and advanced on the Siegfried Line, Germany’s main defence.

The Line is under heavy US assault in the south near Nancy, the lynchpin in Adolf Hitler’s southern defences.

German soldiers are fleeing en masse, with large numbers surrendering and reports of widespread desertions.

Cromwell Soaks Ireland in Blood

1649 Oliver Cromwell today had 1500 Irish rebels put to the sword to prevent further bloodshed.

When the city of Drogheda rejected his offer to surrender, Cromwell’s Roundhead troops sacked the city.

The Puritan English Commonwealth’s military chief is leaving a welter of blood and destruction in his wake.

Ireland has been in turmoil since the insurrection of 1641.

The English Civil War left Parliament on a weak footing there, with the Royalist Marquis of Ormond controlling most Irish fortresses.

He rebelled, claiming the exiled Charles Il as king.

Cromwell landed near Dublin with 16,000 troops, and his terror tactics have turned the tables.

Today’s massacre has left the remaining Royalist strongholds anxious to surrender.

Saudi Front Man Takes BCCI Rap

1991 The US Federal Reserve has seized the US assets of a Saudi Arabian financier and fined him $37 million (£20 million).

Ghaith Pharaon was the US front man for the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, which was seized by international regulators in July amid allegations of widespread fraud.

Forty BCCI officials were arrested in Abu Dhabi at the weekend.

The bank was 70 per cent owned by the Gulf state.

Last week a US grand jury issued indictments against six BCCI officials following investigations into drug money laundering.

A congressional report said the US government had information on BCCI corruption in the mid-1980s, and in London a judicial inquiry has been told that both the Bank of England and the Chancellor were warned about BCCI as early as 1986, but failed to act.

America Under Siege

Chile's Allende killed in army coup on September 11
Chile's Allende killed in army coup

2001 The United States has become the victim of the worst terrorist attack ever launched.

A hijacked American Airlines Boeing 767 has crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York, killing all passengers on board, and causing an enormous explosion.

Fifteen minutes later, a second hijacked plane crashed into the South Tower.

A third plane was flown at the Pentagon in Washington and a fourth crashed in Pennsylvania after the hijackers were overpowered.

Both towers of the World Trade Center later collapsed and the number of dead has been estimated at 3,000.

No one has claimed responsibility, but many believe it is the work of Al Qaeda.

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