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September 14

Events on September 14

1759 The earliest dated English board game, A Journey through Europe, or The Play of Geography, invented by John Jeffries, is sold by him at his London home.

1791 Louis XVI swears allegiance to the French constitution.

1803 British General Lake captures Delhi in India.

1851 Death of the Duke of Wellington, the English commander who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo and later became British prime minister.

1868 The first recorded hole-in-one was scored by Scottish golfer Tom Morris during the Open Championships at Prestwick.

1901 Theodore Roosevelt becomes the 26th and youngest President of the US at the age of 43.

1960 The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is created by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.

1962 Distillers Company agrees to pay £14 million ($26 million) compensation to thalidomide victims.

1975 Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton, canonized by Pope Paul VI, becomes the first American saint.

1988 On route to Sydney, a six-man expedition arrives in New Delhi in a London taxi; its meter is running at London rates and shows a fare of £13,200 ($24,300).

Famous Birthdays on September 14

Baron von Humboldt 1769, scientist who explored Central and South America and published data which forms the foundation of the study of ecology, which he initiated.

Charles Dana Gibson 1867, American artist who created the Girl, an idealized picture of woman which set a new style of American femininity.

Jack Hawkins 1910, British actor whose films include The Cruel Sea and The Bridge on the River Kwai.

Historical News on September 14

Tragic Buffalo Slaying

Tragic Buffalo Slaying on September 14
Tragic Buffalo Slaying

1901 US President William McKinley died early this morning in Buffalo, New York, eight days after being shot by an anarchist.

He was 58.

Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt took the oath this evening.

McKinley was greeting visitors at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo when Leon Czolyosz, a young Pole, shot him twice in the stomach at point-blank range. President for five years, McKinley followed a foreign policy that turned the US into a world imperial power.

He annexed Hawaii, conquered Spain in a two-year war, winning Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines, and sent troops to China to quell the Boxer Rebellion.

At 43, Roosevelt is the youngest president yet.

He returned as a hero from the war in Cuba as a leader of the Rough Riders and was elected Governor of New York.

He believes in a strong foreign stance.

1959 Man reached out and made contact with the moon today.

Lunik II, a Soviet spacecraft, crash-landed on the moon after a two-day journey.

It sent back a stream of scientific data during the trip.

The Soviets are preparing a further space shot, Lunik III, set to fly round the moon and photograph the “dark side” which no man has yet seen.

Car Crash Robs Monaco Of Her Grace

1982 Princess Grace of Monaco was killed in a car crash today.

Formerly the American film actress Grace Kelly, she was driving with her daughter Stephanie on a mountain road between Monaco and Nice when the brakes failed.

The car went off the road and plunged 120 ft (36 m).

Stephanie Grace survived the fall, but Princess died of head injuries.

She was 52.

Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956, ending her acting career.

She won fame as the cool beauty in films such as The Country Girl, for which she won an Oscar, and Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief – in which ironically she drives a sports car at breakneck speed along a mountain road near Nice.

Us Do Mexican Wave

1847 General Winfield Scott’s American forces have captured Mexico City and the Mexican War is over.

Scott’s artillery battered the hill fortress of Chapultepec on the outskirts of the city yesterday and today his infantry overwhelmed the defenders and entered the city.

Mexican commander Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna has fled with his troops and Scott has hoisted the union flag over the National Palace.

Scott has fought a brilliant campaign, defeating Mexico with only 14,000 men in five months. Meanwhile US forces have conquered Texas, New Mexico and California.

The war started two years ago over the US annexation of Texas, but President James Folk’s real aim was California, Mexico has now lost a third of her land.

The cost to the US forces is high – war casualties have been light, but nearly 12,000 have died of disease.

Isadora's Wild Life Takes a Fatal Twist

Isadora's wild life takes a fatal twist on September 14
Isadora's wild life takes a fatal twist

1927 “Goodbye, my friends, I go to glory,” the American dancer Isadora Duncan called out as she set off for a drive near Nice in France.

Seconds later she was dead.

The end of her shawl had caught in the rear wheel of her Bugatti sports car, breaking her neck as the car pulled off.

She was 49.

Isadora Duncan revolutionized the world of ballet, winning worldwide acclaim for her free, barefoot interpretations of classics.

She largely inspired Serge Diaghilev’s spectacular Paris Ballets Russes.

Her life was as tempestuous as some of her dances – her love affairs made headlines.

Tragically, her two children (by different fathers) were drowned when the car they were in rolled into the Seine 14 years ago.

She married the young Russian poet Sergei Yesenin, 18 years her junior, but he left her and hanged himself two years ago, having written his last poem in his blood.

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