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September 17

Events on September 17

1701 Death of King James II of England.

1792 The Crown Jewels are stolen in Paris.

1796 George Washington gives his farewell address as President of the USA.

1877 William Henry Fox Talbot, British botanist and physicist who pioneered photographic techniques, dies aged 77.

1894 The first British musical on Broadway, A Gaiety Girl, opens at Daly’s Theatre, New York.

1931 Long-playing records are demonstrated in New York by RCA-Victor.

1941 Reza Pahlavi sacks his unpopular father and becomes Shah of Iran.

1944 “Operation Market Garden” begins as British airborne forces land at Arnhem, Holland, aiming to secure a bridge over the Rhine to facilitate an invasion of Germany.

Famous Birthdays on September 17

William Carlos Williams 1883. American poet and physician who wrote “Journey to Love”.

Sir Francis Chichester 1901, English yachtsman and aviator who was knighted for sailing round the world solo in Gypsy Moth IV and flew his plane Gypsy Moth solo east to west across the Tasman Sea.

Sir Frederick Ashton 1906, British dancer, choreographer and director who worked with the Ballet Rambert and then the Royal Ballet, creating more than 30 ballets including Façade with music by William Walton.

Anne Bancroft 1931, American actress who made her name on Broadway in The Miracle Worker and won an Oscar for the film version.

Other films include The Graduate.

Maureen Connolly 1934, American tennis player known as “Little Mo” whose career was brought to a premature end by a horse-riding accident, the year after she completed a historic Grand Slam.

Quotes from Legendary

They don't just want to be sawn in half by males, they want to do the sawing as well.

- Greville Janner, British, MP, on the admittance of women to the Magic Circle, 1991.

Historical News on September 17

Berlioz Ups The Decibel Level

Berlioz ips the decibel level on September 17
Berlioz ips the decibel level

1837 The French composer Hector Berlioz has produced a tour-de-force at a premiere performance in Paris.

Most orchestras have about 60 players, but Berlioz’s mighty Requiem, commissioned by the government, used a 200-voice chorus, 110 violins, a swollen brass section and 16 timpani.

With any other composer this would have been sheer excess, but Berlioz used the huge ensemble to the full.

Once the audience had recovered from the overwhelming scale, they were captivated.

Berlioz’s manipulation of each instrument’s capabilities is masterful, yet he cannot play a single instrument properly.

He has been a central figure in French music since his innovative Symphonie Fantastique won acclaim in 1830.

Hong Kong Sees Swing To Liberals

1991 With six years left before China takes over Hong Kong, the British colony today held its first direct elections – and liberals swept the board.

17 of the 18 seats contested went to candidates who are strongly opposed to both the Hong Kong and Chinese governments.

The outspoken United Democrats won 12 seats.

Conservative business-backed candidates, who are pro-China, were left out in the cold.

Less than a third of the seats in the legislature were elected: 21 seats were chosen by a small elite and the governor appointed the rest.

But the liberal legislators are determined to have an impact.

First Air Death As Orville Wright Crashes

1908 A US army officer was killed today when Orville Wright’s flying machine broke a propeller in midair and plunged 150 ft (46 m) to the ground.

Wright was badly injured, but his passenger, Lieutenant Thomas W. Selfridge, was killed – the first passenger to die in an aircraft accident.

Orville Wright made the first-ever powered flight in 1903.

The Signal Corps has asked him and his brother Wilbur to build a two-seater aircraft for the army, and Selfridge was on a test flight today.

1977 Prima donna Maria Callas died of a heart attack, alone in her Paris flat.

She was 53.

Callas, born to Greek parents in New York, dominated opera in the ’50s and ’60s.

She retired in 1965, her range and power – and her rages and dramatic lovelife – had earned her great fame.

United States Compose Brand New Constitution

United states compose brand new constitution on September 17
United states compose brand new constitution

1787 George Washington, leader of the Philadelphia Convention, was today presented with a new Constitution for the United States of America.

39 delegates representing 12 of the 13 states (all but Rhode Island) signed the document after months of debate.

The difficulty was to balance a strong central government with both democratic principles and adequate representation of the states.

The result is mixed government: representatives in the lower house will be elected by popular vote, the states will have equal representation in the upper house and each state will decide how to choose its presidential electors.

The public has its say in the ratification of the new Constitution by the states as the supreme law of the land.

The constitution’s lack of a bill of rights is already being criticized.

The Convention’s Federalists say no such bill is needed, but the Anti-Federalist faction strongly disagrees.

1961 London’s biggest “Ban the Bomb” demonstration yet ended today with police battles and 830 demonstrators arrested including actress Vanessa Redgrave, playwright John Osborne and the chairman of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Canon Collins.

The trouble started when police tried to move thousands of demonstrators staging sit-down protests.

Last week the philosopher Bertrand Russell, now 89, was jailed for incitement during a CND demonstration.

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