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September 19

Events on September 19

1356 Led by the Black Prince, Edward, the English defeat the French at the Battle of Poitiers.

1876 American inventor Melville Bissell patents the carpet sweeper.

1881 Death of James Abram Garfield, 20th US President who was shot on July 2 having been in office just four months.

1888 The world’s first beauty contest takes place in Belgium and is won by 18-year-old Bertha Soucaret from Guadeloupe, who collects the 5,000-franc prize.

1905 Death of Thomas Barnardo, British doctor, philanthropist and founder of homes for destitute children.

1945 Lord Haw-Haw is sentenced to hang for treason.

1952 Charlie Chaplin is dubbed “subversive” by right-wingers in the US.

1955 Juan Perón is ousted by a military junta in Argentina.

1968 Death of Chester Carlson, American inventor of the Xerox photocopying system.

1981 Simon and Garfunkel get back together after 11 years to play to an audience of 4,00,000 in New York’s Central Park.

1994 US troops are sent to Haiti after months of negotiations and a mounting tide of refugees flooding out of the Republic; the aim is to return the ousted President Aristide to power.

Famous Birthdays on September 19

Sir William Golding 1911, British author best known for The Lord of the Flies.

Zandra Rhodes 1940, British fashion designer.

“Mama Cass” Elliot 1943, large American who began as singer of The Mamas and the Papas then went solo and had hits like “Dream a Little Dream”.

Jeremy Irons 1948, British leading actor of stage and screen.

Twiggy (Lesley Hornby) 1949, British actress and singer who first found fame as a model in the 60s.

Quotes from Legendary

Try stubbing out cigarettes with both feet while rubbing your back with a towel.

- Chubby Checker's advice on how to do the Twist - his hit song entered the US charts today, 1960.

Historical News on September 19

Disney Speaks Mickey Squeaks

1928 Hollywood artist Walt Disney oday released the first sound cartoon film, Steamboat Willie.

The film features Mickey Mouse Disney himself providing his Squeaky voice on the soundtrack.

Mickey – originally Mortimer Mouse when he was conceived at Disney’s animation studio last – is a clever caricature of an impish child.

Disney and his chief collaborator Ub Iwerks are working on more cartoon characters.

The Who-Oomph

The Who oomph rock group on September 19
The Who oomph rock group

1967 The British rock group The Who ended their two-month US tour with an even wilder performance than usual.

The group is famous for ending their shows by smashing their instruments in a savage fury, but they didn’t plan to wreck the studio when they made a live appearance on The Smothers Brothers TV show tonight.

Drummer Keith Moon had put a flash powder charge in one of his drums but used far too much powder.

The explosion demolished the drum kit and enveloped wild-man guitarist Pete Townshend in flames, leaving him singed and deafened.

Ocean Ahoy For Spanish

1513 A Spanish conquistador, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, today reached the west coast of the Americas and became the first European to cast his eyes on the western ocean.

He has called the South Sea.

Balboa came to the New World in 1500 and took up farming on the island Hispaniola, but after 10 years his farm failed and he fled to the mainland to escape his creditors.

He founded a Spanish colony in Panama, which he named Darien.

Four weeks ago he led an expedition to the west, hacking a way through thick jungle and fighting off hostile Indians.

Today the expedition reached a mountain, which Balboa climbed alone to see the new ocean spread out below him.

Louis Xvi Watches Sheep Fly

1783 Two French papermakers, Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier thrilled King Louis XVI and his court at Versailles today when they sent a giant balloon filled with smoke into the sky, carrying a sheep, a rooster, and a duck.

The balloon ascended 1500 ft (457 m) and landed 1 mile (1.6 km) away.

The rooster was killed in the landing, but the sheep and the duck were unharmed.

Three months ago the brothers sent their first balloon aloft at Annonay.

Today they wanted to test the effect of altitude on living creatures.

BP In Deepwater Over Spill

BP in Deepwater over spill on September 19
BP in Deepwater over spill

2010 The Deepwater Horizon oil well was finally capped after spewing millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, following an explosion in April.

The well had been temporarily sealed on 3 June while a relief well was dug, allowing workers to start pumping in the cement to create a permanent “kill”.

Top US federal official, Coastguard Admiral Thad Allen, said the well was now “effectively dead”.

“Additional regulatory steps will be undertaken but we can now state definitively that the Macondo Well poses no continuing threat to the Gulf of Mexico,” Admiral Allen went on.

A pressure test showed the cement plug put in place by BP was holding.

The US Government has named BP as the responsible party, and officials have committed to holding the company accountable for all cleanup costs and other damage.

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