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September 20

Events on September 20

1519 Ferdinand Magellan sets sail from Seville in Spain with a fleet of five small ships in an attempt to circumnavigate the world.

1792 France’s untried army defeats the Duke of Brunswick’s, attacking Prussian troops at Walmy.

1928 In Rome the supreme legislative body, the Chamber of Deputies, is taken over by the Fascists.

1946 The first Cannes Film Festival opens.

1959 America’s Disneyland turns down a visit by Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khruschchev for security reasons.

1961 Argentinian Antonio Albertondo begins the first non stop swim across the Channel.

1961 Rhodesian premier lan Smith bans the black opposition party.

1984 40 die as a suicide bomber attacks the US Embassy in Beirut.

2000 Karnam Malleswari, Indian weightlifter, wins the bronze medal at the Sydney Summer Olympics for lifting 110 kg in the Snatch event and 130 kg in the Clean and Jerk event for a total of 240 kg. She is the first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal.

2005 Veteran Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal dies, aged 96.

Famous Birthdays on September 20

Sir George Robey 1869, English comedian and star of the music hall, billed as “The Prime Minister of Mirth”.

Upton Sinclair 1878, American prolific author whose books include The Jungle and Oil!

Jelly Roll Morton 1885, American pianist, singer and composer and one of the first jazz musicians, who made his first recording in 1923.

Sophia Loren 1934, Italian actress who married the man who groomed her for stardom, Carlo Ponti, won an Oscar for Two Women and proved her abilities as a comedienne in The Millionairess.

Quotes from Legendary

Cricket is a game which the British, not being a spiritual people, had to invent in order to have some concept of eternity.

- Lord Mancroft, 1967.

Historical News on September 20

Violence Threatens South Africa's Peace Accord

1991 South Africa’s hard-won peace accord has failed to stop the political violence that has caused hundreds of deaths this month, President F.W. de Klerk, ANC’s leader Nelson Mandela, and the ANC’s arch-rival, Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, head of the Zulu Inkatha movement, signed the “national peace accord” last Saturday after a week of violence that claimed 120 lives nationwide.

It is hoped the agreement will be the basis of further negotiations on a new constitution.

But the two most extreme black parties refused to sign, and the heavily armed far-right-wing white groups refused even to attend.

They have accused de Klerk of treachery and are threatening a new “Boer War”.

The fighting in the black townships continues unabated.

Drake Bowls Round World

Drake bowls round world on September 20
Drake bowls round world

1580 Francis Drake made landfall in Plymouth, England today, his ship laden with treasure and spices.

Drake, the first captain to sail around the world, has captured tons of silver, gold, coins, and jewels from Spanish galleons in the Americas.

Spain has complained bitterly and wants Drake hanged for piracy, and Queen Elizabeth I has launched an inquiry.

But Drake is a public hero – and Elizabeth herself backed his expedition.

Drake set off three years ago with five small ships, but only his Golden Hind survived the treacherous Straits of Magellan to reach the Pacific His first prize was a Spanish treasure galleon and others followed.

Drake landed at San Francisco Bay and claimed it for England, then crossed the Pacific to trade in the Spice Islands before setting course for home, via the Indian Ocean and the Cape of Good Hope.

1947 English cricketer Denis Compton ended the season in dashing style today with three all-time records.

He has scored the highest number of runs and the most centuries ever in a single season of first-class cricket – and he is the first man to hold both titles at once.

He scored 18 centuries and a total of 3816 runs – 298 more than the previous record, set 41 years ago.

Crisis-Ridden Britain Tries To Stem Gold Rush

1931 Britain abandoned the gold standard, devaluing the pound by almost a third.

The government said the move was essential to halt foreign speculation in sterling and to prevent further gold withdrawals.

Foreign banks lost confidence in the pound on Tuesday when 12,000 Royal Navy sailors went on strike over a pay cut.

The cut was part of an austere emergency package rushed through as Britain’s worst-ever economic crisis deepened.

The Labour government collapsed last month and was replaced by a national coalition.

The crisis is causing great hardship, and both the government and a worried press are trying to soothe public discontent.

Two weeks ago King George V took a voluntary pay cut – of £50,000 ($92,500) a year.

Dacko KOs Bokassa

Dacko KOs Bokassa on September 20
Dacko KOs Bokassa

1979 Africa’s most bizarre dictator, self-styled Emperor Jean-Bedel Bokassa of the Central African Empire, was overthrown today in a coup by his cousin, David Ducko.

Dacko was president until Bokussa, then an army colonel overthrew him in 1965.

Bokusa’s brutal excesses rival those of the genocidal Idi Amin, who was forced to flee Uganda six months ago.

Bokassa has terrorized his people, tortured and murdered, and unlocked the poverty-stricken country’s coffers to support his grotesque pretensions, He crowned himself emperor two years ago, donning a $2 million (£1.1 million) crown and ascending a massive golden throne, France paid the $30 million (£16.2 million) bill, Now Bokassa has led to France Amid horrifying accusations of child cummillim in the palace.

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