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September 24

Events on September 24

1842 The brother of the Brontë sisters dies of drugs and drink: Branwell Brontë was the model for the drunkard Hindley Earnshaw in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights.

1852 A hydrogen-filled airship, the first of its kind, makes its maiden flight at Versailles, powered by a 3 hp steam engine built by Henri Giffard.

1941 The Siege of Leningrad begins: the British RAF supports the Red Army.

1960 The first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, is launched at Newport, Virginia.

1960 Death of Melanie Klein, Austrian-born child psychoanalyst who spent the last 34 years of her life living in London and who wrote The Psychoanalysis of Children.

1983 Italy jails chemical executives responsible for the Seveso dioxin disaster, when a poisonous gas cloud escaped from a factory in Seveso contaminating a wide radius of land.

2009 India’s first unmanned lunar probe, Chandrayaan 1, discovers large amounts of water on the Moon.

Famous Birthdays on September 24

F. Scott Fitzgerald 1896, American novelist and short story writer whose first success was with his autobiographical novel This Side of Paradise.

Anthony Newley 1931, British actor, co-author and lyricist who made his name as a child in the film Oliver Twist, in which he played the Artful Dodger, and who also wrote musicals with Leslie Bricusse, such as Stop the World, I Want to Get Off.

Svetlana Beriosova 1932, Russian prima ballerina with the Grands Ballets de Monte Carlo and the Sadler’s Wells Ballet, creating the leads in Le Baiser de la Fée and Persephone.

Linda McCartney 1942, American photographer married to ex-Beatle Paul McCartney and campaigner for animal rights.

Quotes from Legendary

India is a geographical term. It is no more a united nation than the Equator.

- Winston Churchill, 1931.

Historical News on September 24

Black Friday as Golden Bubble Bursts

1869 Panic hit Wall Street today as the bottom fell out of the gold market – and the entire stock market followed it down.

Thousands of gold speculators led the plunge towards bankruptcy.

The blow fell when President Ulysses S. Grant told the US Treasury to release its gold.

The sudden glut knocked the price Jay Gould and James Fisk to corner down, killing a bid by financiers of the gold market.

They had said they’d succeeded in stopping the president selling government gold, and many believed them.

But Grant had simply been slow to react.

Fisk and Gould are not noted for integrity.

Today they fled in a storm of acrimony.

1,200 Refugees Slaughtered On Train

1947 A trainload of Muslim refugees fleeing to Pakistan has been massacred by Sikhs at Amritsar in the Punjab, with at least 1,200 defenceless people shot and hacked to death.

This is the worst single incident so far in the communal violence that has swept the sub-continent since the partitioning of India on August 15.

Millions of refugees caught on the wrong side of the Hindu-Muslim divide are fleeing to safety – some estimates put the number as high as 15 million.

Nobody knows how many have died as sectarian hatred spilled over, creating a vicious cycle of retaliation.

Sikhs in the western Punjab, now in Pakistan, have been slaughtered by rioting Muslims, and more than two million are fleeing east to India.

Hindus caught in Pakistan are in the same desperate position, with killings in most towns.

Old-Style Samurai Meet Brutal Reality

1877 Japan’s modern army today crushed a rebellion by 40,000 feudal samurai warriors fighting for their old way of life and their honour.

The Meiji Restoration of 1868 broke the closed military rule of the Shoguns as Japan moved to transform itself into a modern world power.

Thus ended 700 years of unchanging feudalism and warfare.

The samurai armies and their bushido code of honour were an anachronism.

The new Meiji government cut their pay, stopped them carrying swords – and six months ago refused to invade Korea.

At this the incensed samurai rebelled.

Today their leader committed ritual suicide amidst the fallen; many of the survivors followed suit.

Old style Samurai meet brutal reality on September 24
Old style Samurai meet brutal reality

1980 Iraq invaded Iran in force today and destroyed the huge oil refinery at Abadan as months of border incidents flared into full-scale war.

Iraq, taking advantage of the domestic chaos in fundamentalist Iran, is hoping for a quick victory over its bigger neighbour.

The prize is dominance in the Persian Gulf.

Bismarck's Creed Of Iron And Blood

1862 The Prussian statesman Otto von Bismarck has rescued his beleaguered king from a losing battle with the Liberal government.

Vetoed because of his militarist budget proposals, King William appointed Bismarck chancellor.

Bismarck defied the Chamber of Deputies, took control of taxes, completely ignored the budget, and forced through King William’s military reforms.

It was Prussia’s power that won respect, he said, not Prussia’s Liberals.

“The great questions of the age are not settled by speeches and majority votes, but by iron and blood,” he told the deflated Democrats in the Chamber today.

Perón and on

1973 Former dictator Juan Perón was re-elected President of Argentina today after nearly 20 years’ exile.

Perón’s second wife, Eva, an actress, was the mainstay of his first rule.

“Evita”, idolized by the people, was virtually co- president, and Perón’s regime never recovered after she died in 1951.

Perón returned from exile in Spain following a recent Perónist election victory.

His third wife, Isabel, is his vice-president

Noel Coward Gertrude Lawrence star on September 24
Noel Coward Gertrude Lawrence star

1930 Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence star in Coward’s new stage comedy Private Lives, about two lovers who abandon their spouses.

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