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September 25

Events on September 25

1818 The first blood transfusion using human blood (as opposed to animal blood), takes place in London at Guy’s Hospital.

1897 Britain’s first motor bus service started in Bradford.

1932 Catalonia in Spain becomes autonomous: it has its own parliament, language and flag.

1954 “Papa” Doc (Dr François Duvalier) wins the presidential elections in Haiti.

1960 Death of Emily Post.

American columnist and writer on etiquette.

1970 Death of Erich Maria Remarque, German author of All Quiet on the Western Front.

2000 Cathy Freeman races to victory in the 400-metre race in front of her home crowd at the Sydney Olympics.

2002 Indian National Security Guards end the attack by two armed terrorists on the Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar in Gujarat, India. 29 devotees are dead and 79 others are injured.

Famous Birthdays on September 25

William Faulkner 1897, American novelist and winner of the 1949 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Dmitri Shostakovich 1906, Russian 20th century composer who began his first opera, The Gypsies, at the age of nine.

Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya 1916, Indian philosopher, economist, sociologist, historian, journalist and political activist.

Sir Robert Muldoon 1921, New Zealand prime minister from 1975 to 1984.

Michael Douglas 1944, American actor and son of Kirk, who starred in films such as Basic Instinct and Wall Street, for which he won an Oscar.

Christopher Reeve 1952, American actor best known for his role as Superman.

Catherine Zeta-Jones 1969, Welsh actress who starred in the Mask of Zorro.

Quotes from Legendary

Women and small people are the most difficult to deal with.

- Confucius (551-479 BCE), Chinese sage and founder of Confucianism.

Historical News on September 25

Big Guns Make Little Rock Respect Black Student Rights

Big guns make little rockrespect black student rights on September 25
Big guns make little rockrespect black student rights

1957 Protected by a thousand army paratroopers with fixed bayonets, nine black children took their places in the all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, today.

Meanwhile angry whites demonstrated outside the school, and eight were arrested.

The Federal district court in Little Rock ruled that the nine students be admitted to the Central High following a Supreme Court ruling that segregated schools contravene the Fourteenth Amendment.

But Arkansas Governor Orville Faubus flouted the order, and when the black children arrived at the school they were barred by armed National Guardsmen while whites jeered “Niggers go home!” President Eisenhower intervened, and the troopers were withdrawn – only to be replaced by a white mob.

In an unprecedented move, Eisenhower removed the National Guard from Faubus’s control and sent in the 101st Airborne Division.

Furious southern governors have demanded their withdrawal.

Bandaranaike Cut Short By Buddhist Monk

1959 Sri Lankan Prime Minister Solomon Bandaranaike was assassinated.

Bandaranaike led the People’s United Front leftist alliance which won the 1956 election.

His Sinhalese nationalism has angered the large Tamil Hindu minority – Sinhalese is now the sole national language.

Yet he was shot by a Sinhalese Buddhist monk.

He is to be succeeded by his wife, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, a radical socialist.

Turin Unveils "Shroud of Christ"

1933 More than 25,000 believers gazed in awe at a miraculous image of Jesus Christ today.

Church custodians at the cathedral of Turin in Italy showed the famous Turin Shroud to the public for the first time in 400 years.

The stained, 14-ft (4.2-m) long cloth is believed to have been the burial shroud of Jesus Christ.

At the cathedral today it was impossible not to be moved by the cloth’s imprint of a body, front and back, and the clear picture of a man’s face, eyes closed.

Scientific opinion is that the image is the actual imprint of the body of a man.

Today’s crowd had no doubt about whose face it showed.

West Says Hung Is A Taiping Error

1851 More than 20,000 Taiping rebels chose the Christian prophet Hung Hsiu Chuan as king at their mountain stronghold in China today.

Invasions, droughts, floods, famines and lawlessness have left China ripe for rebellion.

Some years ago Hung, 39, read a Christian pamphlet entitled Good Advice to the World.

Later he fell into a 40-day coma and woke to claim he had met God and Jesus and that he was “Jesus’s younger brother”.

God had ordered him to “kill the demon Manchus”, he said.

He plans to abolish property ownership, redistribute the land to everyone (including women, who are to have equal status), educate everybody, share everything, and end poverty, famine and injustice.

Western missionaries, however, condemn Hung as a heretic.

Floyd Floored By Patterson's Piston

1962 World heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson lost his title tonight in a first-round knockout.

Two minutes into the first round, giant Sonny Liston hit Patterson with four fearsome punches, and the champion fell, staying down for the count and longer.

After the fight Patterson said he will retire.

He took the crown from Archie Moore in 1956 to become the youngest ever champ at 21.

In 1959 he lost the title to Swede Ingemar Johansson, but regained it a year later.

It was thought Liston’s shady underworld past might disqualify him as a contender.

Ciao Giacomo

Ciao Giacomo on September 25
Ciao Giacomo

1977 Italian ace motorcycle racer Giacomo Agostini today announced that he is set to retire.

He was a record 15 times world champion between 1966 and 1976, racing both 350cc and 500cc bikes.

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