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September 27

Events on September 27

1791 Jews were granted French citizenship.

1820 Death of US frontiersman Daniel Boone.

1917 Death of Edgar Degas, French painter and sculptor who initially painted portraits in the style of the old masters, but in the mid-1860s began painting contemporary scenes, particularly of ballet and racecourses.

1921 Death of Engelbert Humperdinck, German composer who wrote the well-loved opera Hansel and Gretel.

1922 Constantine I, King of Greece, abdicates following the Greek defeat in Turkey.

1930 American golfer Bobby Jones completes the first-ever golfing Grand Slam when he wins the US National Amateur Championships.

1958 Mihir Sen becomes the first Indian to swim across the English Channel.

1960 Europe’s first moving pavement”, the travelator, opened at Bank Underground Station in London.

1979 Death of Dame Gracie Fields, singer and entertainer whose songs include “The Biggest Aspidistra in the World” and “Sally” (her theme song).

Famous Birthdays on September 27

Samuel Adams 1722, American revolutionary who was involved in planning the Boston Tea Party, an anti-taxation raid on British ships.

George Cruikshank 1792, British cartoonist who illustrated more than 850 books, such as Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

Louis Botha 1862, South African prime minister, the first of the Union of South Africa, who encouraged reconciliation between the British and the Boers.

Yash Chopra 1932, film director, scriptwriter and film producer who founded Yash Raj Films in 1970.

Quotes from Legendary

Mr Stephenson, having taken me on the bench of the engine with him, we started at about 10 miles [16 kph] an hour. You cannot imagine how strange it seemed to be journeying on thus, without any visible cause of progressing other than that magical engine, with its flying white breath, and rhythmical unwearying pace.

- Fanny Kemble, British actress (1809-93), in Record of a Girlhood.

Historical News on September 27

Top Model Can't Marry As She Was Born A He

Top model can't marry as she was born a he on September 27
Top model can't marry as she was born a he

1990 Glamorous British model Caroline Cossey has failed to overturn a law that won’t let her get married – because her birth certificate says she’s male.

And so she was, until a sex-change operation 15 years ago transformed her into the beautiful and successful model “Tula”.

She appealed against the ruling in terms of the European Convention on Human Rights, but the European court today upheld the British law.

Slaves By The Shipload

1672 A new British company chartered today has been given a monopoly of the African slave trade.

The Royal African Company is now arranging shipments of slaves from the African coast to the markets in the Americas, offering special terms for entire shiploads.

A healthy slave costs less than £20 ($37) on delivery in America.

The new company’s chief competition is the Dutch West India Company, which has had a monopoly of the West African slave trade for 50 years.

Britain and France are at war with Holland, and last month a Dutch fleet attacked New York.

Regardless of European hostilities, the number of slave ships plying the Atlantic is bound to grow.

The New World plantations cannot operate without slaves and enormous profits are to be made from the trade in “black gold”.

"No Plot” Behind Kennedy Killing

1964 The Warren Commission has officially rejected conspiracy as a factor in the killing of US President John F. Kennedy last November. Neither has it found a motive.

The Commission, appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the assassination, published its report in Washington today.

Killer Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, the report said, and neither Oswald nor Jack Ruby, Oswald’s killer, was involved in a wider conspiracy.

The report criticized the FBI, the secret service, which it said must be overhauled, and the Dallas police for poor security.

The FBI knew Oswald had lived in Russia and had a job in a store overlooking Kennedy’s route – but the secret service didn’t know, yet its role is to protect the President.

Tokyo Joins Berlin-Rome Axis

1940 Imperial Japan signed a 10-year economic and military alliance with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy in Berlin today.

The Tripartite Pact formalizes the Berlin-Rome-Tokyo Axis which began in 1936 when Japan signed the Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany; Italy signed a year later.

Today’s pact is a coup for Nazi leader Adolph Hitler, whose Blitzkrieg in Europe has gained him conquests, but no allies other than Italy and an increasingly reluctant Spain.

Japan is also a useful buffer against the United States.

Japan and Russia, however, have been bitter enemies since their war over Manchuria in 1905, and the peace treaty that was signed by Russia and Germany a year ago is looking ever more shaky.

1968 Just one day after the end of theatre censorship in Britain, 13 naked actors faced a London audience tonight as the rock musical Hair opened in the West End to a packed house.

The nude bit only lasted one short scene and impressionistic stage lighting left most of the crucial details discreetly shadowed, but the show was nonetheless a big hit with the audience.

Commuters do the Locomotion

1825 A new era of travel began today when George Stephenson’s steam engine Locomotion pulled a full load of passengers from Shildon to Stockton via Darlington, inaugurating the world’s first passenger railway service.

Stephenson operated the engine himself, and the 27-mile (43 km) journey took less than three hours.

The passengers travelled in a long line of 32 carriages fitted with special wheels which glided smoothly along the steel rail track.

Stephenson built the Locomotion for the Stockton and Darlington Railway and also surveyed the route, avoiding steep gradients wherever possible.

He and his talented engineer son, Robert, are designing a more powerful engine which they say could have a top speed of as much as 30 mph (48 kph).

It is understood that Stephenson has been approached by the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

Bob Marley first European hit on September 27
Bob Marley first European hit

1975 Jamaica’s big reggae stars, Bob Marley and The Wailers, had a first European hit as “No Woman No Cry” entered the UK Charts.

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