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September 29

Events on September 29

1902 French writer Emile Zola dies, accidentally gassed by. charcoal fumes.

1911 Alleging mistreatment of Italians in Libya, Italy declares war on the Ottoman (Turkish)  Empire.

1930 George Bernard Shaw turns down a peerage.

1938 The Munich Conference begins, attended by Neville Chamberlain, Edouard Daladier, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

1950 The first automatic telephone answering machine is tested by the US Bell Telephone Company.

1952 John Cobb, British and world water speed record holder, is killed on Loch Ness in Scotland when his vessel Crusader disintegrates after hitting waves at a speed of 240 mph (384 kph).

1981 A Delhi-Srinagar flight is hijacked by five Khalistan activists and is made to land in Lahore, Pakistan. 66 of the 117 passengers are set free on arrival in Lahore.

1987 John M. Poindexter officially resigns from the US Navy over the Iran-Contra scandal.

2010 Death of US movie star Tony Curtis, aged 85, star of Spartacus and Some Like it Hot.

Famous Birthdays on September 29

Tintoretto 1518, Italian painter, one of the most important of the Venetian school, whose works include The Ascension and the ceilings at the Prado, Madrid.

Miguel de Cervantes 1547, Spanish playwright best known for his novel Don Quixote.

Viscount Horatio Nelson 1758 British naval commander who became a national hero despite the scandal of his love affair with Emma, Lady Hamilton.

Stanley Kramer 1914, American film producer and director whose films include Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

Jerry Lee Lewis 1935, American rock ‘n’ roll star who first appeared on stage at the age of just 14.

His first big hit was “Great Balls of Fire”.

Quotes from Legendary

Long Island represents the American's idea of what God would have done with Nature if he'd had the money.

- Peter Fleming, British writer, 1929.

Quotes from Legendary

No one owes Britain a living.

- James Callaghan, British Labour prime minister, 1976.

Historical News on September 29

Athens Wreaks Revenge On Persia

Athens wreaks revenge on persia on September 29
Athens wreaks revenge on persia

480 BCE Though outnumbered two to one, the Greeks today routed a huge Persian war fleet in the straits of Salamis.

Themistocles of Athens led the Greek fleet and won as much by trickery as valour, with a strategy of feints and about-turns that left the Persian fleet divided and exposed.

The lines of ram-prowed Greek ships, each propelled by 200 oarsmen, ploughed into King Xerxes’ Persians with devastating effect, sinking scores of galleys outright.

After fierce fighting, the remnants of the invading Persian fleet fled, leaving more than 200 wrecked galleys and thousands of casualties.

The Greeks lost 10 ships.

Earlier this year Xerxes invaded and burnt the city of Athens.

Today Athens had her revenge. Three years ago, with today’s battle in mind, Themistocles persuaded the city to use the profits of a new silver mine to build 200 war triremes, the biggest fleet in Greece.

Without naval support, the Persian army’s chances of conquering the Greeks are slim.

Uk Goes Cap In Hand To IMF

1976 A broke Britain asked the International Monetary Fund for a $3.9 billion (£2.1 billion) loan today – the limit of its entitlement.

Britain needs the money to prop up the ailing pound, which collapsed this week following market jitters caused by loud left-wing noises at the ruling Labour Party’s annual conference.

Meanwhile inflation is soaring, fuelled by poor productivity, high government spending and an energy crisis, while rising prices bring embarrassing wage demands by unions which support the Labour Party.

Prime minister James Callaghan has ruled out left-wing demands for lower taxes and a bigger welfare budget.

American journalist Nicholas on September 29
American journalist Nicholas

1986 The Soviet Union today freed American journalist Nicholas Daniloff, jailed a month ago on improbable spying charges.

His release follows US agreement to drop charges against Russian diplomat Gennadi Zakharov, previously arrested for spying in New York.

Ulster Protestants Vow To Fight Home Rule

1913 Ireland edged one step closer to civil war today as the Protestant majority in Ulster province vowed to fight rather than be ruled by Catholic Dublin.

At a meeting in Belfast, the Ulster Unionist Council agreed to set up a provisional government if the British parliament approves Irish home rule, and council chairman Sir Edward Carson promised to make Ulster ungovernable by Dublin.

Meanwhile the Protestant Ulster Volunteer Force held a military parade near the city.

Britain’s Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith needs the Irish nationalist votes to stay in power.

Under pressure from nationalist leader John Redmond, he introduced the Irish Home Rule Bill in parliament last year.

But Ulster’s Protestants are committed to British rule to avoid becoming a small minority in an Irish state.

Day Of Death As Nazis Shoot 30,000 Jews

1941 A special Nazi death squad has murdered thousands of Russian Jews in Kiev, machine-gunning them systematically in Babi Yar ravine.

The shooting continued all day, and more than 30,000 men, women and children are feared dead.

Nazi Gestapo secret police chief Heinrich Himmler sent four Einsatzgruppen (strike squads) into Russia behind the advancing German war machine with the express mission of exterminating Soviet Jewish civilians and other “undesirables”.

Kiev fell to the Nazis 10 days ago, and Leningrad is under siege. Meanwhile some 7,00,000 Jews have died in the Polish ghettoes since the Nazi occupation two years ago.

Himmler and his henchmen, Reinhard Heydrich and Adolph Eichmann, are reported to be planning a “final solution to the Jewish “problem”.

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